Divisional Round Predictions and Breakdowns

Ok, so I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks. I have been making my picks on yahoo, let’s just say the wildcard round was my worst pick week ever. I went 0-4 in my wildcard selections and my team went home early. Let’s hope i can turn things around as i return from a short hiatus away.


This is looking to be a pretty good game. The Super Bowl legend and potential GOAT takes on the bolo tie aficionado looking for his ring to cement his legacy. The bulldozing bruiser of a running back taking on the dynamic committee backfield. The Patriots have been a playoff staple for the AFC for well over a decade. They have been to the Super Bowl 8 times since 2000 and are looking to make it 9 this season. This is a team that’s always a safe pick to make it to at least the AFC Championship game. They seem unstoppable every season they have Brady at the helm. However, I believe this season we’re seeing the most vulnerable Patriots team we’ve seen in a long time. They also seem to have a much stronger field of competition this year. The Chargers, Chiefs, and Colts all look like they could beat the Patriots this season. This test against the Chargers will help us see just how vulnerable they are. The Chargers haven’t made it passed the divisional round of the playoffs since 2007 and haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1994. They made it to the conference championship in 04 with Rivers, LT, Chambers, and Vincent Jackson in his prime. This team is just as good, if not better in my eyes. They have the talent to match those offensive weapons and maybe a bit more. They also possess a very solid defense. I’m giving the edge to the Chargers in a thriller. CHARGERS 23 PATRIOTS 20


This one won’t be the blowout the Chiefs have become accustomed to this season. The Colts are lethal and Andrew Luck looks like the promising QB scouts believed him to be coming into the NFL several years ago. The Colts offense has been sharp and they look to keep that up against a less than stellar defense. The Chiefs have a tough time with defensive penalties, specifically in the secondary, and this Colts team has a red zone stud in Eric Ebron and a speedy threat in TY Hilton. The Colts will draw penalties and look to capitalize on that shabby defense. The Colts have the stingiest scoring defense since week 7 and hope to use that to their advantage. However, this is one of the top offenses in the league and Mahommes and something totally different than anything else the league has seen. This offense is absolutely deadly. They have an MVP caliber QB, a dynamic backfield, and a deadly receiving core. This offense is a solid bet to put up numbers on anybody. The biggest concern for the Chiefs is their playoff resume. You can’t talk about the Chiefs in the playoffs without mentioning their playoff track record. They have been awful in the playoffs in the Andy Reid era. They gave up a 28 point lead to Luck and the Colts several years ago, and they gave up an 18 point lead last season to the Titans. This defense has had its troubles, but they’ve been very solid at home and Mahommes has proven to be the man this season. They’ll have enough to beat the Colts at home. CHIEFS 31 COLTS 23



This game isn’t going to be as close as a lot of people think. The Rams at home have been absolutely amazing on offense and i don’t see that stopping now. Todd Gurley is back and looking very solid and fresh in practice, according to his teammates. This offense is full of weapons, including the best running back in the game and a very scary, dynamic receiving group. This defense helps create opportunities for the offense and the offense usually capitalizes on those. I know the Cowboys had the leading rusher this season and the Rams defense allowed 5.1 yards per carry, but I see them making stops when they need them and the offense is going to control the tempo and will manage the game to their favor. Zeke, Cooper, and Dak can be tough when they get in rhythm, but good luck getting into much of a rhythm against this defense. Dak will have his hands full with Donald, Suh and company in his face, and that secondary is very capable of forcing turnovers. This Cowboys defense is not bad at all, but it’s very tough to stop an offense that is this good at home. RAMS 30 COWBOYS 17



This game is a toss up, as I couldn’t decide if we were going to see a lopsided win from the favorite or a down-to-the-wire thriller forced by the underdog. Either way I have the Saints in this one, but the margin of victory was tough to choose. I think the x-factor here is which Saints team shows up. This team at home has been absolutely phenomenal and have had a bit of rest to help rejuvenate that battered line and Kamara. Brees has been 5-0 at home in the playoffs since he came to New Orleans and they are the second most offensively efficient team at home this season. The Eagles have been a whole new team now with Foles at the helm and the defense has only allowed 15 total points over their last 2 games. This team is proving they can be the team we saw last year, if it weren’t for their extensive list of injuries this season. They aren’t going to suffer the same fate this weekend as they did against the Saints in week 11 when they lost 48-7 and allowed over 500 yards, but I just can’t see them beating this dangerous Saints offense in their home stadium. SAINTS 30 EAGLES 21

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NFL Week 14 Predictions

Ok, so I’m still in pretty decent shape with my pickem record this season. I’ve been average these last few weeks. I’m going to try and finish this season out strong. We have a full slate of games as the playoff picture continues to unfold. This is the trickiest time to pick games because some lesser teams tend to show up to play spoiler and the lower playoff teams can knock off the top dogs because they’re desperate. This is a time when upset picks are a good choice, you just have to pick the right ones.

Pickem record: 104-86


I think we’ll see an upset here. This one will be very close, as are most games between these AFC South rivals. The Jaguars are coming in off a win against the Colts, and the defense is looking very solid. The Jags held the Colts to 0 points and completely stuffed the run. Not very often you see a team led by a top 10 season QB and a pro bowl WR, and they get held under 275 yards and 0 points. This defense is very special and they won’t have too daunting of a task ahead of them as they’re facing the 28th ranked offense in terms of total yards and points. The Jags will simply need to get Fournette going and help Kessler manage this game. However, on the other side of the field is possibly one of the best game-managing QBs in the league and a tough RB tandem. The Titans have an extremely balanced team and will look to right they ship as they fight to stay in the fight for the playoffs. JAGS 13  TITANS 10


Man it’s only the second game of the pickem and the second straight upset pick. This one is a bit easier to pick though. The Panthers are on a heavy downward spiral, as they’ve lost 4 in a row now. This team looks awful and the defense just can’t keep the opposing offense out of the endzone. The offense racks up lots of yards but then fails to score. This team needs to figure out and fix their issues in the redzone on both sides of the ball if they’re going to make the playoffs. The Browns are also coming off a rough game against the red hot Texans. In that game Baker Mayfield threw 3 INTs and the team had 31 total rushing yards. They need to get things going to finish strong and prove they’re not the same bad Brownies we’re accustomed to. They need to keep Mayfield in rhthym and prevent McCaffrey from getting going. Mayfield had a rough game last week, but I feel like he will right the ship this week and reassure everyone why he is the savoir. BROWNS 23 PANTHERS 17


Well, I guess the streak of upsets had to end at some point. This week, Josh Allen makes enough of a difference to give the W to a team just looking to prove it’s not a joke. Allen has silenced some doubters as he might not be prolific and gun-slinging, but he runs wild and does enough to help his offense win games. They actually have the 12th ranked rush offense and are playing the 30th ranked offense in the Jets. Look for the Bills to utilize McCoy and Allen in the rush as much as possible. The Jets are in trouble and this season has been full of dysfunction for them. They have been talking about firing Bowles, which isn’t sitting well with some players, and they just sat a healthy Darnold because “the timing was just too short notice after a 3 week layoff”. There’s a lot going on in this Jets locker room and it will continue to be a distraction to the team. BILLS 20 JETS 10


This game is actually going to be much closer than people think. The Chiefs right now look incredibly dangerous and like no AFC team can stop them at this point. The offense is on fire and Mahommes has been absolutely masterful this season. He’s on pace to break a number of records and is at the helm of the best scoring offense in league. They will be missing Hunt as he was released from the team in the midst of his recent character issues. This team has the 2nd worst defense in the league and just so happen to be playing the best defense in the league. Lamar Jackson has come in and taken over this Ravens offense and has made them very dangerous. He needs to pass the ball a little bit more this week and take advantage of the leagues worst pass defense. For a team that has put up over 200 yards rushing in 3 straight weeks, can they do enough on both sides of the ball to beat the Chiefs. The answer is no, but it will be close and Mahommes will look the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen him. CHIEFS 24 RAVENS 20


I am going to give this one to the Packers as they have a new temporary head coach and we might see a rejuvenated team following the firing of Mike McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers isn’t having a bad season statistically. The one area where he’s been rough is his completion percentage. He has 1 interception this season and this coaching change could help boost his effectiveness. I look for this offense to play with a motivated sense of renewal. They should be able to hang with Atlanta if they give Rodgers time and slow down the Falcons passing attack. The Falcons are coming off a tough loss against the Ravens. The Ravens suffocated the Falcons offense the whole game and Jackson and company capitalized on the opportunities the defense gave them. I look for the Packers to slow them down just enough and get Rodgers in rhythm. PACKERS 17 FALCONS 13


This pick was sort of an easy pick. This will surely be a close, competitive game but i look for Watt and the defense to overwhelm Luck while Watson and Nuk keep their rhythm going. This Texans team is absolutely on fire right now and are looking deadly as the playoffs draw closer. Lamar Miller is averaging 117 yards in his last 3 games and Watson has been very efficient, especially in games where Miller runs for over 100 yards. When Miller and Watson both get comfortable, it’s as if there’s no stopping this offense and i certainly wouldn’t want to play them right now. Too bad for the Colts, because they have no choice. Luck and company have been pretty solid up until last week. They got held to 0 points and Mack was held to just 27 rushing yards. They’re going to be reeling from their recent shut out against the Jags and looking to stay in the playoff race, but this is not the team to recover against. TEXANS 27  COLTS 21


This game doesn’t need much explaining but I’m going to do my best anyway. The Patriots are going to walk out of Miami with a win and sustain their hold on the 2 seed in the AFC. Brady will look to this as an easy game, but can’t get too complacent because Tannehill is no slouch. While Tannehill is a very capable QB, this is the playoff Patriots that we’re beginning to see and no team wants to face them when they’re playing like this. I look for Brady to try and get comfortbale and get enough time to pick the Dolphins 29th ranked defense apart. The Dolphins are going to try their best to pressure Brady and throw off his timing and also get the running game going. I look to see Brady have better chances of success here as they get a comfortable win. PATS 31  DOLPHINS 20


This game will also be closer than many people are expecting. The Bucs have a pretty decent passing attack that’s actually ranked #1 in the league. That might partially be because they have to come from behind in alot of games, but with Winston and Fitzpatrick, that’s a very surprising stat. They have a good amount of receiving weapons in Evans, Godwin, Jackson, and Brate, but they lack a running game. Peyton Barber is a solid back that will develop into a very good talent one day, but this offensive line isn’t good enough right now to help him it. Especially not against the best rushing defense in the league and the hot arm of Drew Brees. They just got surprised by the streaking Cowboys last week and I don’t see that happening again. SAINTS 34 BUCS 27


This game has heavy implications on how the playoffs could shake out. We have the Giants, who are virtually out of the playoff race, and the Redskins, who are just outside the 6 seed. This is must win territory for the Redskins and they face a tall task. Normally for a healthy Skins team id probably pick them easily. However, they’re missing a handful of offensive linemen and they’ve got Mark Sanchez under center. The Giants offense is finding its new Barkley/Beckham fueled offense and putting the pieces together. I think they’ll handle the Redskins in this one. GIANTS 26 SKINS 17


Believe it or not, the lowly 49ers have an opportunity to help damper the Broncos playoff hopes. The Broncos are clawing to stay in the hunt for the last wildcard spot but they must win and hope Baltimore doesn’t upset the Chiefs. If all things infold in their favor, they could wind up being tied for the spot. They need to find a weapon in the pass game with Sanders out and they must get to Mullens. The 49ers season is pretty much over and right now they’re just trying to spoil other teams’ playoff chances and find their niche. I could see Mullens keeping this close but I don’t see them winning….if the Broncos has Sanders that is. Without Sanders, I believe the 49ers pull it off. 49ERS 23 BRONCOS 16


This game is almost irrelevant for the Chargers as they are the 5th wildcard spot and not much of a threat to be bumped from the playoffs. The key word was almost though as they are only one game behind Kansas City for the division. If Baltimore pulls out the huge upset, they could have a big shot at the AFC West crown. This is their best shot with a dynamite season from Rivers, Gordon, and Allen and Gordon is healthy as has Bosa been for a week or two. The Bengals are missing AJ Green and Andy Dalton. I don’t see them putting up the firepower to stay close at all, let alone threaten to pull off the upset. CHARGERS 37 BENGALS 13


This game has enormous importance for the NFC East. The Eagles and Cowboys are fighting for the divisional lead and the loser takes a step down out of the wildcard potentially. An Eagles loss would practically put them in a position where making the playoffs would be a miracle. The Eagles have been playing decent lately and are doing enough to win games behind the arm of Wentz and their intimidating front 7. The Cowboys have been hot lately as they have gotten Elliott in a nice groove as he leads the league in rushing. They’re also getting Prescott managing the games expertly while the defense gets key stops. I look for the Boys’ recent win against the Saints to help motivate them to win in a very close game here. COWBOYS 24 EAGLES 23


This game is a tough pick because both teams are bad and inconsistent. Which team can win? That’s a good question because these teams have beaten tougher teams like the Panthers and Rosen went 11-26 passing last week and still beat Aaron Rodgers. These teams will surely be up for top 5 picks in the draft. A game like this though is more or less to show who’s not as bad as the other. The Lions have a decent team, they just don’t manage the games very well and make mistakes when the plays matter most. The Cardinals are still trying to develop a rookie QB and are struggling to do so to this point. I think the Lions are slightly better right now, let’s give them the win here. LIONS 20 CARDS 16


This is a nice little trap game that’s actually hard to choose. The Steelers have lost 2 in a row, one being against the Broncos in Denver where the Steelers have a history of struggling. This game has a similar historical feel to it because the Steelers haven’t won in Oakland since 1995. They don’t play well in Oakland and history tells us when the Steelers don’t exactly overcome those history trends, why question it now? The Raiders are coming off a game in which they played closely with Mahommes and the Chiefs and that team is a bit better than Pittsburgh. The Steelers are missing Conner and that could really hurt their chances here. The Steelers don’t just lose 3 in a row though and let the division crown slip through their fingers. Steelers edge them out in a very close game. STEELERS 23 RAIDERS 21


This is the game I have to watch. If there’s any game, aside from my favorite team, worth watching, it’s most definitely this one. The Bears get Trubisky back and the defense is still a dangerous, pass-rushing nightmare. Can the Bears slow down this crazy Rams offense? Can the Rams play well against the QB crushing front 7 of the Bears? This could be a glimpse of the NFC championship game here and when it all comes down to playoffs or even a matchup like this. The hungrier team and defense usually win out. Defense wins championships and I think Mack, Hicks, and Floyd can beat this offensive line just enough to throw Goff off a little. Watch the matchup of Andrew Whitworth vs Khalil Mack. That will be a huge matchup that determines the outcome. BEARS 30 RAMS 27


This game is actually of huge importance as well. The losing team in this game could very well be pushed from their wildcard spot. With the playoffs on the line for both teams, I look for both to come out with a purpose and will fight tooth and nail until the last whistle. One team has a solid passing attack and the other boasts the best rushing attack in the league. The Vikings however have the tougher, more stout defense. The question here though will be is the defense good enough to beat the excellent football minds of Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson? This time around I say no, I’m giving the edge to the home team in this one. The Seahawks win and the Vikings loss give the birds a nice cushion for the playoffs and opens the door for other teams like the Eagles, Redskins, or Panthers. SEAHAWKS 24 VIKINGS 16


Ok so up to this point in the season, I still have a pretty decent record. I had a tough week last week but I’m still well over .500 on the season. Last week had some nice upsets, drama, and blowouts. Hopefully this week will be better for me as the late season playoff drama heats up. I hope you enjoy reading this!


A lot of people have this game pegged as a blowout. The Cowboys have been consistent lately but struggled to find that balance in the early part of the season. Dak isn’t looking like the same QB the analysts gushed over a year or two ago. This team’s saving grace is this hard-nosed defense and Zeke. The defense is ranked 9th in overall defense and are tied for 3rd in passing TDs allowed. They have been extremely stout and have shutdown most QBs they’ve faced lately. However, this week will be the toughest test as they face the league’s top offense in recent weeks and the favorite for MVP, Drew Brees. Zeke is currently 1st in rushing yards and is likely going to have to do a lot to help Dak in this game. He’s going to need to break off some bigger runs and catch some passes to help make the offense unpredictable. While the defense might slow Brees down a bit they certainly don’t quite have the defense to stop him. Zeke and Cooper will need a big week to help the offense keep up with this Saints offense. I don’t think they’ll fully be able to keep up, but the game will be closer than most think. SAINTS 34 COWBOYS 27


This game will be a blowout for sure. Ramsey and company haven’t been bad on defense, but they missed some key coverages on more than enough plays throughout games. In the NFL 1 or 2 missed coverages can cost your team the game and I saw more than 1 or 2 missed assignments against the Bills and the Steelers. They can’t afford to do that against Luck and the red hot Colts right now. They have the speedy T.Y. Hilton and the TD machine that is Eric Ebron. Andrew Luck is currently ranked 9th in passing yards and second in TDs, so the Jags can’t really afford to miss coverage assignments in this game. The Jaguars offense has been putrid of late also. Bortles was even playing so poorly, they’ve officially benched him for Cody Kessler. This game is going to be solely on the shoulders of Leonard Fournette and the defense. If Ramsey and the defense can’t disrupt Luck at all, then there’s no way they’ll even stand a chance. COLTS 31  JAGS 16


This one won’t be too close either. The Packers might be struggling against the formidable opponents but Rodgers can certainly handle the last place Cardinals. The Packers are having a rough season and last week might’ve been the loss that causes the playoffs to slip through their fingertips and potentially gives McCarthy his walking papers in the offseason. This team just isn’t coming together like they used to. They don’t have many weapons on either side of the ball and are sort of wasting the talents of Rodgers. It’s not like they’re missing a lot either, they have just been losing a lot of close games. They are literally middle of the league in almost every single statistical category. They’re missing a few game changing pieces, but this just isn’t their season. this game is one of their easiest games yet, as the Cardinals are ranked last in passing offense by a lot, and they have a bottom 10 defense. They have one of the worst rushing defenses in the league as well, so look for Jones to have a big game. PACKERS 30  CARDS 10


This game is going to make pickem players nervous. The Giants are going to make this closer than most would think. Most people would think the Bears front 7 will pressure Manning all day and cause the most pocket panicking QB to throw the game away. However, I think the Giants will be expecting the pressure and will change things up. They are going to look to set Manning, Barkely, Shepard, and Bekcham up on a lot of screens, check downs, and quick slants. They’re going to get the ball out quick and try to be creative to slow down this dangerous defense. It won’t work all game long, but it will help them stay in it. There’s not much one can do against the freak that is Khalil Mack. Mack is an athletic bull and literally gets to the QB at will. If he gets double teamed on the line, then you just free up other guys to break free like Roquan Smith, Trevathan, and Hicks. There’s only so much trickery one offense can do to slow down this defensive juggernaut. Plus the Bears offense is also very talented and dangerous, especially if Trubisky is back this week. BEARS 24 GIANTS 20


The Panthers have really been struggling lately. They have lost 3 in a row, the most recent to the Seahawks. This team just doesn’t look like they’re hungry for the playoffs or like they’re even fighting for their playoff lives. They have officially fallen out of the wildcard spot and are fighting with 5 or 6 other teams still for one of those spots. In the loss to the Lions they struggled to get McCaffrey going and the defense couldn’t prevent the Lions from making the big plays that mattered. They had 5 fumbles (0 lost) and they let Wilson control the game. They have been struggling to manage the games lately, especially on defense and they can’t afford to do that against Winston/Fitz. These mediocre QBs for TB can heat up here and there and if you let them they will hurt you badly when they get hot. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Winston string together 3 good games in a row though, so i look for this to be a struggle game for Winston and company that Fitzmagic won’t be able to save them from. PANTHERS 27 BUCS 21


I know this is the Browns coming into Houston against the 3 seed in the AFC, but I still see this as a very good, competitive game. Mayfield is going to continue his hot streak and make some good plays early on. Njoku and Callaway have been security blankets for him lately and he and Chubb seem to have found their rhythm. This defense isn’t bad either as they seem to finally be putting the pieces together. This game might not be a win for them as Mayfield is going to be seeing a lot of JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney, but they will play close. This Browns team is honestly one or two pieces away from playoff contention. They are going to surprise a lot of people next year. This game though will belong the Watson and the Texans. The Browns do give up a decent bit of yards on defense and that mostly comes from the running game. Lamar Miller just had a huge game and is going to provide the necessary balance for Watson to find his groove. TEXANS 23 BROWNS 20


The Lamar Jackson show continues this week and this one should be fun to watch. The Ravens have used Jackson in two various ways over the past two weeks. In his debut, he ran the ball more than he threw it and rushed for over 110 yards. This past week against the Raiders, he only ran 11 times and passed much more often this time. This week should be a balance and I would certainly urge him to run and use the balance and unpredictability to his advantage as this Falcons team is bad in both phases of defense and is one of the worst scoring defenses in the league. Jackson will need to find some success in both areas and keep Gus Edwards hot as they face one of the better defenses in the league. The Ravens have a strong defense, bu this Falcons offense is very dangerous and has a lot of weapons. I see them doing enough to keep Matt Ryan from going off and scoring enough to swipe another win. RAVENS 20 FALCONS 17


This game should also be entertaining to watch. The Broncos are coming off a solid win against the Steelers and the Bengals have now lost 3 in a row, including a double digit loss to the Browns. The Bengals have been missing AJ Green though so that’ll certainly boost their offense a little bit. however, they’re missing They have been very bad on defense, being ranked last in overall defense and the next opponent has 300 total yards less than them. They’ve been putrid on defense this year and they just can’t seem to stop this downward spiral. The Broncos are coming off a huge win against Pittsburgh and are looking to keep the momentum in their favor going forward. They’ve pushed back into the playoff hunt for now, but they need to string some wins together going forward to have a shot. A loss in this game could definitely be the end of someone’s season and I say it’s the Bengals that’ll have to face that reality. BRONCOS 23  BENGALS 13


This game would normally be considered a close divisional game. However, the return of Ryan Tannehill widens the gap between these two teams a bit. Tannehill adds a nice sense of security for this offense and they looked really good in his return from injury against a Colts team that is rolling right now. The Dolphins are going to improve a bit upon his return and the Bills are a good team to polish off the rust and start rolling. They’re on the outside of the playoff picture looking in so they need this one badly. Last week the Bills beat Jacksonville, and I’m sure they had plenty of motivation with Ramsey talking trash on the team. Josh Allen is doing just enough to keep them competitive, but mostly just against the mediocre teams. The Dolphins aren’t a dangerous playoff contender by any means, but they are good enough  with Tannehil at the helm. I look for the Dolphins to bring the Bills back down to earth in a double digit victory. DOLPHINS 24 BILLS 13


The Rams are coming in off a bye and the last game they played was that possibly greatest game ever against KC where they put up 54 points and just barely won. This offense proved it has what it takes to beat anyone and put up points at will, but they defense also proved they can be equally as deadly and game-changing. Goff, Gurley, and company look to ride that big win and the bye into a somewhat easy opponent in the Lions. I look for the Rams to keep the rhythm going and know that this could be a trap game. The Lions aren’t in a good place as their season is realistically almost over. They are a team that’s mediocre on both sides of the ball, give the ball away quite a bit, and does not get turnovers or stops on defense. This team also has a less than average offensive line. This is all a recipe for disaster against a team full of offensive weapons, a defensive that forces turnovers and gets to the QB. I look for this to be our biggest deficit win of the week. RAMS 38 LIONS 10


This game is going to be an upset. Mariota is iffy in terms of being able to play and I can’t see them beating much of anyone without him. He controls the offensive tempo and manages the game very well. I also question how he’ll perform with that elbow injury getting worse and worse for him. Darnold coming back could be good or bad because so far he just hasn’t been very good this season. He throws lots of interceptions and is very careless with the ball. I’d like to see McCown or Webb in this one. McCown has necessarily lost the starter job so why bench him? Either way I see the Jets doing enough to slow them down and securing a win. JETS 16 TITANS 13


This will also be a blowout game. Usually division games are close, heated, and competitive. This game will not follow that path because one team is a top 3 NFL team and the other is bottom 2. This game is going to get extremely out of hand fast and Mahommes is going to go off as he makes his case even stronger for MVP. Oakland lacks the defensive pass rush to slow Mahommes down and the Raiders have the worst ranked rush defense in the league so I see Hunt and Hill running wild on this defense. This is going to be a very lopsided win. CHIEFS 44 RAIDERS 17


This is another upset pick for me this week. Normally I’d think you were crazy for picking the opposing team coming into Foxborough, but this Vikings team has momentum and the talent to do it. Cousins is playing well this season, ranking 5th in pass yards and 9th in TDs. He’s got plenty of offensive weapons and that’ll certainly be enough for him to get into a rhythm 25th ranked pass defense of the Patriots. New England has to do what they can to pressure Cousins and keep them one dimensional. The Vikings have the 3rd worst rushing attack and the Pats need to keep the run game locked down so they can put their focus on Cousins and make them more predictable. Too bad Diggs, Thielen, and Rudolph, plus their vaunted defense will just be too much this week for New England. VIKINGS 30 PATS 24


This game should be a comfortable double digit win also. Wilson is a very good, smart QB and he’s in a rhythm right now as he’s fighting to make the playoffs. They tend to hang around with the good teams but play rough with the bad teams in the league. This week though they’re going to prove the bad teams aren’t their kryptonite and they’re also driven by the playoff hunt so I look for the 8th best scoring defense to suppress Nick Mullens and make them lean heavily on Breida. The 49ers have a mediocre pass defense and aren’t very good at keeping the opponent from scoring so I look for Wilson to have a pretty good game. SEAHAWKS 27 49ERS 13


This game was a rather tough choice. Normally I’d pick the Chargers as I honestly believe they’re better than Pittsburgh. I like the Chargers defense over Pittsburgh’s and I give Rivers/Gordon the nod over Ben/Conner. However with Gordon our this week, the nod should most definitely go to the Steelers. I don’t think so, I still have the Chargers in this one. I think their offense is clicking better right now, their defense is playing better with Bosa back, and I think Ekeler and the other backs can still get it done. Big Ben and that offense are dangerous but the Chargers have the defensive weapons to even it out and Ekeler isn’t Gordon by any means but he’s still very capable and dangerous. Here’s my other upset pick. CHARGERS 31 STEELERS 23


This game will be very close and competitive. The Eagles have been battered beyond belief this season. They’ve struggled to find consistency as a whole with those injuries but especially on defense. The Redskins were doing what was necessary to make defensive stops and manage the tempo and game. They are battling the injury of Alex Smith and some key offensive linemen. They are expecting the return of Chris Thompson and the combo of Thompson and Peterson could really play out and create a lot of openings and success for Colt McCoy and his new favorite receiver Trey Quinn. I think the Redskins edge out the win here. REDSKINS 20 EAGLES 16


So we will now get the rest of my predictions! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and so was the hopes of me not gaining 5-10 pounds by aggressively overeating. Along with the bigger gut that I got from Thanksgiving, I also went 1-2 with my Thanksgiving Day picks. I went with my gut on these picks and I ended up with a gut punch by the end of the night. Now as I pick the Sunday night games, i believe I’ll mostly stick with the analytics and actual analysis this time. I won’t keep rambling about my Thursday football misfortunes and will give you my predictions, and an updated pickem score as well as the old.


So this game actually carries a lot of importance. This game very well could be win or you’re out. The Cowboys helped open up the NFC East again by beating the Redskins last night. The Eagles are now just 1.5 games out of first place in the division and the Giants are 2.5 games out. The Eagles have a lot riding on this game and hopefully that will fuel them. They should normally come in and crush the Giants in Philly. However, the Eagles have seen the worst side of the injury bug than any other team. They’re down a lot of significant DBs, they’re still missing their star RB, a burner WR, and much more. This team has really been hurting on their depth chart and that has overshadowed a solid season from Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz. This team needs a big game and for their replacement DBs to step up against the talented receivers the Giants have. The tough part is that the Giants have Odell Beckham, and Eli is seemingly remembering how to throw the ball for more than 5 yards. Last time these two teams faced off, Barkley ran wild, but inevitably Manning couldn’t make the necessary plays to score and couldn’t get Backham going. This week will be different because now Beckham will be facing a battered secondary and Evan Engram will be there this weekend to help relieve some pressure. I think the Eagles’ injuries will be too much and Beckham and company will take advantage of them. GIANTS 23  EAGLES 17


This is another game that carries much importance for both teams. The Panthers are fighting to hold their place in the Wildcard and the Seahawks are attempting to usurp them from that spot. The Panthers have been on a 2 game skid and are looking to right the ship this week and keep a hold of that 5 spot in the playoffs. They’ve been struggling lately score as well as stop the opposing offense from scoring. They’ve just played poorly lately and defense was an issue in both games. The Steelers put up 52 points on them and they couldn’t stop them if their lives depended on it. Then playing the Lions, they stop them from moving putting up big points, but they couldn’t stop them from managing the tempo and moving the chains. They need to figure out how to make those key stops on defense and put the ball in Cam’s hands. The Seahawks are actually putting up a pretty decent fight against the stronger teams in the league and are playing well. The Seahawks also have trouble stopping the rush and the Panthers have Newton and McCaffrey and that’s a very dangerous duo. Plus they like to run some option plays and some reverses with the speedy Curtis Samuel. Samuel is coming off of a good game and deserves more time. Look for the defense to wake up for Carolina and get McCaffrey and Samuel going. PANTHERS 27  SEAHAWKS 21


This matchup isn’t very important unless the two teams plan on playing for the first overall draft pick. Nick Mullens has been the talk for the 49ers as he’s has a mixed bag of games for his first 2 career starts. He tore up the Raiders at will, but then, struggled with turnovers against the Giants. I hope to see the Nick Mullens we saw in week 9 and see the growing story develop even further. This team isn’t good, but they have some key injuries and no dominant receivers. This team is still working on rebuilding and can use these last few weeks to figure out what they can work with and what needs to change. This game could be good for them as they’re playing the worst scoring defense in the league. The Buccaneers are also left trying to figure out what to keep for next season and what needs to change, They have been terrible on defense and they have had the most inconsistent QB play that I may have ever seen. This team needs to piece things together and stop relying on Fitzmagic to show up late in games to make the difference. I think this game is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back and puts Koetter and possibly Winston on the hot seat. 49ERS 31  BUCS 16


Well, I think this game is an easier pick. I just hope the Ravens don’t come into this thinking it’s a lock and letting their guards down. They need to stick to what works and play tough. The Raiders have had a lot of locker room and on field issues this season. They have been bad this season and have also faced a lot of injury troubles. They have the 2nd worst rush defense in the NFL and are ranked 30th in scoring offense and scoring defense. This matchup couldn’t be any worse for them because the Ravens are coming off a game where they rushed for 267 yards and they’re still ranked 1st in total defense and scoring defense. Lamar Jackson is expected to be starting again this week and just rushed for 119 yards and threw for 150 more. He’s going to pose a huge problem for the Raiders’ weak rush defense and will open a lot of holes all over the field. This has the potential to be a blowout game if the Ravens come in ready to play and don’t get to cocky. RAVENS 34  RAIDERS 10


This game is actually a tough choice. In the Bills most recent game they put up 41 points and the Jaguars are coming off a loss to the Steelers. The Bills are also fresh off a bye so they probably are feeling good coming into this game against the Jags who are hoping to bounce back after a come from behind loss. The Jaguars played decent enough against the Steelers to have beaten them, that was at least before Big Ben decided he wasn’t done yet. That game showed that they can win with their smothering defense, but they just can’t seem to simultaneously get Bortles and Fournette rolling. They need to find a way to move the ball better and score against this Bills defense. The Bills 41-10 win honestly was way more than surprising. They had Matt Barkley under center and I don’t think anyone was expecting that offense to do much of anything. Boy were we all wrong. Barkley threw for 232 yards and 2 TDs and McCoy was able to scamper for 113 yard and 2 scores of his own. This offense showed poise and balance against a bad team, this Jags defense this week isn’t nearly as easy though. I look for the Jags defense to smother the Bills offense and Fournette should help keep this offense from losing their 7th in a row. JAGS 16  BILLS 9


This game actually is very important for the Bengals. The Browns will try to play spoiler as the Bengals fight to stay get back into the playoff race. The Bengals are coming off a road loss to the Ravens, where they allowed over 250 total rushing yards. They have lost 4 of their last 5 and are quickly fading from the playoff hunt. They are going to need to put up points and pressure Mayfield early for a good shot of winning. Green will be back for Cincinnati so that will surely bolster their offense a bit. The Browns are fresh off a bye and won a big game against Atlanta in their last game. I look for them to build off of that this week as they attempt to stop Andy Dalton and AJ Green from re-kindling their chemistry with Green returning from a toe injury. The key for the Browns is too get pressure on Dalton early and get Nick Chubb going to create some balance for Baker Mayfield. I’m honestly looking for a potential upset this week. I like the Browns in this matchup and i think they’re going to be looking to hinder the Bengals playoff chances a bit this week. BROWNS 24  BENGALS 20


This game is going to also be a likely blowout. The Patriots are coming off a bye, and the week prior to that was a 10-34 loss to the Titans. They’re also in a fight for the first round playoff bye with the Steelers, Chiefs, and Texans. They’re going to be looking to prove a point this weekend. We could see Etling or Hoyer this week, as Brady missed today’s practice again with a knee injury. Even with a backup QB the Patriots still have good odds as the Jets have looked awful lately and the Patriots still have Belicheck and McDaniels as coaches. Look for the 10th ranked offense to lean on the rushing attack minus Brady and for the defense to try to wake back up after that shellacking at the hands of Titans. The Jets will have Darnold back and that is sort of a good thing…maybe. This offense has been bad no matter who is at the helm. The playcalling has been poor, there has been no such as consistency or balance, and the game managing has been poor. This team just is falling apart and this is the wrong opponent to think this week is the week to bring things together. PATS 30  JETS 6


What do you know, another possible run away game. The Chargers are the heavy favorites and it’s not exactly hard to see why. The Cardinals come into this game ranked as probably the worst offense in the league. This team has failed to do practically anything on anybody except the other teams at the bottom of the standings. They also struggle with the rush on defense and they’ve only beaten the 49ers this season. They couldn’t even beat the self-destructing Raiders last week, so how on earth can we expect them to put up a fight against the Chargers. The Chargers have a top 10 offense and a top 15 defense. They’re a balanced team and Melvin Gordon is having a great season. This team is coming off of a tough loss to the Broncos and will be looking to right the ship to prove that they are not a team to underestimate. They’re looking to separate themselves in the wildcard race and lock up that 5 spot. They could potentially have a shot at the AFC west crown if they win this week. It’d be a lot to ask of the Chiefs to lose another one this season, but if the Chargers just keep winning, the pressure will certainly be on Mahommes to hold on. CHARGERS 27  CARDINALS 10


If you are a Steelers fan please avert your eyes from this prediction. I believe recent history will play out in this game as the Steelers have lost their last 3 times they have visited Denver, and this week won’t be any different. The Broncos are going to play the sleeper team in this team as they will catch the Steelers sleeping on them and catch a punch in the gut this week. The the 11th ranked offense in the league and particularly excel on the ground with their two headed attack of Lindsay and Freeman. They will need to provide some run stopping against James Conner and try to slow down JuJu Smith-Schuster. The Steelers are coming off a close scare to the Jaguars. They managed to come back and win though and keep a decent lead in their division. They have 5th best offense in the NFL and are the 4th best scoring offense as well. They also sport the 6th overall defense and they appear to be the most balanced team in the league right now. They will be fighting history this week as they look to snap that 3 game road losing streak in Denver. In order to win they need to get Conner going as a receiver and stop the Broncos rushing attack. I’m sticking with history for this game in a close one. BRONCOS 23  STEELERS 20


Now, with Osweiler starting, I’d easily give this game to the red hot Colts. However, Tanehill is back and he’s certainly capable of stringing together some wins for this team. The Dolphins were 3-2 before he got hurt and the one loss was to the Patriots so we can’t really pin that one on him. Tannehill is a very competent QB and is certainly a decent upgrade over Brock Osweiler. The team right now is ranked 26th in passing offense and 21st in rushing offense. I don’t expect the offense to get anything but better with Tannehill back under center. They need to let Tannehill manage the game and keep Luck off the field. That’s a pretty tall order as Luck is having a great season. Luck currently has over 2,700 yards and 29 TDs. He’s been very good this season and has helped bring upon the resurgence of Eric Ebron. This offense is 9th overall and 5th in scoring. The Dolphins don’t have a particularly tough defense so if Andrew Luck can get some solid protection and they can pressure Tannehill on the other side of the ball, they have a pretty decent shot at keeping their 4 game winning streak going. COLTS 17  DOLPHINS 14


This is going to be a pretty good game. This is an intense division rivalry and both teams are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive. This matchup will feature the 8th ranked Packers defense led by Aaron Rodgers facing off against the 5th ranked Vikings defense led by Harrison Smith. Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams are almost single handedly carrying the Packers offense this season. Aaron has 19 TDs and 1 INT and Adams has 953 yards and 9 TDs. They have been putting in some hard work to try and keep the team from being eliminated from playoff contention. The defense will need show up this week and make life hell for Kirk Cousins in the backfield. They need to find targets other than Adams and get a pass rush going to have chance at winning and keep their playoff hopes alive. The Vikings are also in a precarious position. They are in that 6th seed in the wildcard and have the Redskins and Seahawks nipping at their heels. They need to apply some pressure this week and find a way to get Dalvin Cook going. The Packers have allowed the 6th most rushing yards so Cook has a good shot at making something happen on the ground. flushing Rodgers out of the pocket won’t help the Vikings too much as he’s actually more dangerous passing on the run. They need to keep him contained and put hands in his face. VIKINGS 28 PACKERS 23


This game is very important for both teams, but more so for the Titans. The Titans are fighting with the Ravens, Colts, Bengals, and Dolphins for the 6th seed in the AFC wild card race. The Titans are coming off a big loss against the Colts and they really need to get the win to put themselves in prime position going down the strecth. This is a strong defensive team that has a rather weak passing game. Mariota is purely a game manager and is better on his feet than standing around in the pocket. They key for the Titans is for Mariota to heat up and for the defense to stop or slow down DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans come in as the 4 seed in the playoff hunt and have a shot at moving up to 2nd if the Pats and Steelers lose this weekend. They have the 7th ranked defense and the duo of Watt and Clowney could give any QB nigthmares. They need to find a way to give Watson time and push the ball upfield. The keys to this game will be the Texans offensive line and the defensive line’s containment of Mariota. They can’t give him time or let him scramble, they must make his hurry his throws. TEXANS 21 TITANS 13

Those are my picks and hopefully they’ll help make up for a rough Thanksgiving day of picks. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to comment and please share around to help me get some readers and get my name out there. Thank you!



As the NFL season progresses, the award front-runners and playoff picture becomes a bit clearer. Can anyone stop the Rams, Saints, or Chiefs? Are the Bears and Steelers sleeper threats for the playoffs? Will Jon Gruden get run out of the Raiders organization before next season? I guess we’ll just have to watch and see. At least for now, I can predict this weeks games and possibly break down each potential playoff team sometime this week or next. By the way, IM SORRY BUT THIS WEEKS GAMES ARE SPILT INTO TWO ARTICLES BECAUSE I WAS A BIT BUSY THIS WEEK AND COULDN’T COMPLETE THEM ALL BY TONIGHT.


The loss of Alex Smith for the season is extremely deflating for the Redskins. That blow to their team really opened the doors for the rest of the division to fight for the crown. They have Colt McCoy at the helm ,and if that’s not scary enough, they are also missing 3 starting offensive lineman. This defense for the Redskins is solid and efficient but without most of the starting o-line and a less than reliable backup QB at the helm, they have very little to no help. Maybe, just maybe, a Thanksgiving miracle can help them pull this one out. The Cowboys are on a bit of a roll right now. They’re coming off wins against the Eagles and the Falcons and are fighting to stay in the divisional race. Dak Prescott needs to get Zeke into a rhythm and use his rushing attack to open up his offense and control the tempo. They have the fortune of having a pretty solid offensive line and a good defense, so they should have plenty of chances to make moves with the ball. They should control the possession aspect of the game, and must play smart and keep the defense guessing. The Cowboys defense is good enough to keep Colt McCoy from doing much of anything, they simply have to stay balanced on offense and let Zeke do his thing. COWBOYS 23  REDSKINS 10


Now generally I’d say the Bears in this one easily. This trick offense under a solid quarterback with lots of surrounding talent, and probably the best defense in the league is a big favorite in this matchup. However, Trubisky isn’t playing so that’ll definitely hurt them. Chase Daniel isn’t bad but I’m not sure he can do the same things with this offense Trubisky can. The defense will have to do a little extra along with the running game to help them get by in this one. The Lions are a decent team more than capable of pulling the upset on the short handed Bears. Stafford is capable of putting up numbers and Marvin Jones is dangerous. I think they can pull this one off! LIONS 24 BEARS 20


Write this down, this is a trap game! The Saints have been absolutely unbeatable all season, even against the best of them. Drew Brees is the MVP front-runner at the moment and he’s had an amazingly efficient year as he’s only thrown 1 INT and completed over 75% of his passes. This offense is just scary good and looks virtually unbeatable this season. However, that’s what makes a trap game a trap game. Brees and company are rolling and feeling invincible right about now. The Falcons, in case you hadn’t noticed, have a powerful offense of their own. With Matt Ryan and his multitude of weapons, he can surely keep up with Brees and company if they play smart. I look for the defense of the Falcons to dial up some varietal pass rushes and surprise this offense just enough to get the edge. FALCONS 31 SAINTS 27

Again I’m sorry I didn’t get to post the rest of the games but I was crunched for time. Look for the rest of the slate of games tomorrow or Saturday and we’ll see how my pickem record develops. Please share this around with fellow football fans and keep reading. Thank you all so much for reading and liking my Facebook page!


So before I post my next weekly prediction article post my season award predictions. This season we’ve seen some surprises pop up and we’ve seen some non-shocker front-runners. In a season of breakouts, slumps, hilarity, and gut-wrenching injuries, we’ve seen that there’s just no predicting the NFL completely. The NFL will never be fully predictable because there’s just so many random variables that change the scope of the season. That certainly won’t stop me from trying to predict things though, and that certainly includes now.


This choice was actually pretty tough and it was the most up in the air choice. The guy is in his second season and he’s currently on pace for over 5,200 yards and 54 TDs…AND HE’S 23 YEARS OLD PEOPLE!! Many people have Brees as a front runner, but this kid is doing things that Drew Brees didn’t accomplish until he was in his mid-30s. It took Peyton Manning 15 years to set the single season passing yards record and passing TDs record, and Mahommes could break both in just his second year. His receivers aren’t necessarily bad. He has Kelce, Hill, and his RB Hunt, but after that he has Chris Conley, and Demarcus Robinson (Sammy Watkins has been hurt). That’s certainly not the most dangerous receiving core in the league, but he most definitely makes them that way. Alex Smith did enough to get this team to the playoffs when he was in KC but Mahommes this season already has more passing yards than all but one season in Smith’s career. The most TDs Smith has thrown for is 26…Mahommes already has 37 and we’re only headed into week 12. The guy has exactly what it takes to be the leader of the next generation of quarterback. This guy is special and is very likely to be the answer for Andy Reid’s playoff woes.


This was a relatively easy choice. Gurley is doing things we haven’t seen a running back do in a little while. Gurley is out here running and catching the ball with ease and is making a huge difference for his team. He’s showing just how much of a dominant running back and is separating himself from the rest of the pack as the best in the league. He is on pace for 2,100 total yards from scrimmage and 25 total TDs. He’s a major influence in one of the league’s best offenses and is helping Goff have a huge year as well.


This was a pretty easy pick as well. The rest of the league has its fair share of solid defenders but Donald has simply separated himself as the best. He’s absolutely wreaking havoc on offensive lines and backfields. He changes games and makes plays throughout games and also when they’re needed most. I haven’t seen an offense be able to stop him yet as he leads the league in sacks with 14.5 and is on pace for 22. He’s also on pace to have 4 forced fumbles and 3 or 4 recoveries. The guy has just been unstoppable, and the only person who might be a threat to his winning this award is Khalil Mack


This wasn’t super hard to pick either. Barkley has come out and done the same things he was doing at Penn State. He’s running and catching the ball with extreme talent, confidence, and athleticism. He is incredibly shifty, has excellent vision, and is just too damn athletic to bring down. He makes plays that I’ve never seen be made by a running back before. He also has a chance to make history as the first rookie running back to have 1,000 yards rushing and receiving. He’d be just the 3rd running back overall to accomplish the feat also. He’s doing very special things and I can’t wait to see what he does as his career unfolds. The only player I could think would’ve had a shot to compete would be Ridley, but he hasn’t been as explosive lately as he started out.


This one is simply because it’s who I think the committee will select, not who I would personally select. Darius Leonard has played great and has become the best player on the Colts defense. He’s a ball hawk and has been an absolute terror for opposing defenses. He currently has a stat line of 104 tackles, 5 sacks, 1 INT, 4 forced fumbles, and 2 recoveries. That being said, I would personally pick someone that nobody else has even considered, but deserves to be. Donte Jackson plays for the Panthers and was drafted late in the 2nd round. The guy has 42 tackles, 1 sack, 4 INTs, 7 deflections, and a forced fumble. The guy is performing way above expectations and has become a very solid corner. He would be my pick but Darius Leonard is the more popular choice and is still a good choice at that.


I believe this pick is the right one for one big reason…the guy hasnt played since 2016. He missed a whole season and a half and he comes back in and starts putting up pro bowl numbers. Luck has come in and put up 29 TDs and almost 2,800 yards. He’s on pace to tally 4,400 yards and 44 TDs after well over 1 year of surgery after surgery. The story itself bids you to ask how that’s even possible. He has overcome so much and is performing at the same high level he was when he went down late in the 2016 season. It almost seems like he just picked up where he left off as if he never got hurt.


This one isn’t too tough of a selection either. Reid has built this team from the bottom up and they are a top 3 team in the league and has helped turn second year QB Patrick Mahommes and this stellar offense into the deadly juggernaut we see today. He’s done special things for this program and is setting them up for an extremely bright future. Not only has he found tons of talent on this team, but that talent is also very young. Look for them to be very solid for years to come.


NFL Week 11 Predictions

Well week 11 is upon us and it’s two weeks in a row now that I’ve failed to finish my weekly prediction post before the Thursday night game. I do have a pickem league for fantasy football that states i made the correct pick and has my record for the season just in case anyone doubts me. I promise I would never lie about something as serious as fantasy football. So, without further rambling and case pleading, here are the remainder of my predictions for the week and I’ll post my record up to this point at the bottom of this article.


This match-up carries a lot more importance than some realize. This could be a battle for the final wildcard spot in the AFC. The Ravens have lost 4 of their last 5 and are likely to be starting a different QB this Sunday. The Ravens have surprisingly relied heavily on their passing offense to carry them this season. The first few weeks, it did rather well for them as they started their first 6 games 4-2 and were averaging 26 point per game. The running game has been abysmal and that’s been the factor in them losing their last 3 games in a row. They’ve become predictable and that’s made them easy to stop. When the offense can’t stay on the field, naturally that tires the defense and they struggle to hold the opposing offense. That’s been the story for the Ravens lately as they’ve been outplayed the last 3 weeks. The idea of Lamar Jackson being at the helm this week could shake things up and keep the offense rather unpredictable and difficult to stop, but only time will tell. The Bengals also had a hot start to the season, but have cooled down as they’ve lost 3 of their last 4. The defense is ranked last in the league and that’s mostly due to the fact that 2 of their recent losses have been by 35 and 37 points. This team is also missing a star WR in AJ Green. If either one of these teams is going to prove that they can make the playoffs and be a competitor, they need to turn their seasons around. The first step to turning things around for either team is to pull out a win this Sunday. I like Baltimore in this game because I believe the use of Lamar Jackson as the starter will bring too much unpredictability and speed to this offense. It’ll be close as most of the Cincy-Ravens games are. RAVENS 23 BENGALS 21


This is simply a game that will help decide draft position. Both teams have an incredibly slim chance of making the playoffs so there’s not much on the line in this game. The Bucs are coming off an ugly loss to the Redskins. The Giants are coming off an ugly victory against the 49ers. The Giants aren’t exactly playing good-looking football this season, but the offense is beginning to put the pieces together a bit. Odell and Barkley have been the bright spots for this team this season with a sprinkle of Shepard mixed in. Odell is the 7th best WR this season in terms of stats. Eli is having an extremely rough season, and Odell is still finding ways to put up numbers and do more than his fair share to help this team. Barkley has also put on show in his rookie season. He’s on pace to just break 1,000 rushing yards and could potentially break 1,000 yards receiving. If Barkley can accomplish this feat, he would be the 3rd player in NFL history to have 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in the same season, and would be the first rookie to ever accomplish the feat. This team has the talent necessary to do damage, but they seem to be missing something. The Bucs are just as rough. They just can’t seem to get consistent QB play from neither Fitzmagic or Jameis. The running game is sloppy at best, and the defense is very rough. Evans, Jackson, and Howard are attempting to carry this team and it’s just not working. They have allowed the most points of any team in the NFL and have the 4th worst point differential in the league. Their season will be over very soon if they can’t fix the chaos that’s happening under center and win some games. With the Bucs coming off a tough loss and the Giants feeling good after a recent win, look for the Giants to squeak one out here.  GIANTS 26 BUCS 20


This game isn’t very tough to choose at all. The Jaguars have one of the worst scoring offenses in the NFL. They rank 27th in percentage of drives that end in a score. They also rank 28th in red zone opportunities. The running game is responsible for only 3 touchdowns, tied for the worst in the league. This defense is a top 5 defense in the league, but they can’t move the ball down the field and produce any points to show for their defensive prowess. They have the second most offensive drives that end in a turnover. Just to help you understand just how bad this offense has been, the defense ranks 2nd in yards allowed, 9th in points against them, and they’re 1st in first downs allowed. They have been very nice on the defensive side of the ball. Despite them being the 9th best in scoring defense, they’re 22nd in point differential. They’re playing one of the leagues hottest offenses in recent weeks this week. The Steelers are rolling and Big Ben, James Conner and this dangerous offense is the biggest factor in their recent success. Conner has been an absolute gem this season and is quickly making Pittsburgh forget who Leveon Bell even is. This offensive line has performed very well, and they’re providing Ben with lots of time and Conner with plenty of holes. Big Ben with time is always a very scary thing. He’s a future hall of famer and is showing again why he’s still one of the best in the league. I look for the Steelers to take full advantage of how much their offense will be on the field. The Jags defense is tough, but after being on the field for so much time, they can’t stay stout for long. STEELERS 31 JAGS 13


Carolina Panthers are coming off their worst loss of the season so far against the Steelers, having lost by 31 points. The Steelers offense controlled the tempo of the game and scored at will. The Panthers got down early to the Steelers and never really recovered. Big Ben was absolutely masterful, as he had more touchdown passes than he had incompletions. They had a balanced run game and AB, JuJu, and Mcdonald absolutely shined in the passing game. The Panthers may have needed that game to humble them a bit. This offense relies heavily on the rush as they are the 5th best rush attack in the league and they are a very disciplined team as they rank 7th in giveaways and 6th in penalty yards. This team has a decent and very opportunistic offense, but they allow way to many scores. This defense doesn’t do bad in terms of limiting teams in their yardage, bu they rank 31st in passing TDs scored against them. They have the second worst defensive red zone scoring percentage. Teams don’t get into the red zone a lot against them, but when they do, Carolina struggles immensely to prevent touchdowns. The Lions defense is the 10th worst scoring defense in the league and the 7th worst team at forcing turnovers. This defenses struggles are mostly in the running game. They are 23rd overall against the run and allow alot of passing touchdowns in the red zone. They struggle to stop the rush from moving the offense downfield, but they also struggle to keep the ball out of the endzone on the pass. To me, that sounds exactly what the Panthers want. The Panthers thrive on rushing with McCaffrey and Cam down the field, then they let Cam throw for the touchdown on the run. This Lions team is in deep trouble this weekend if they can’t find a way to disprove the writing on the wall. PANTHERS 23 LIONS 16


This is an interesting matchup. The Texans are riding a 5 game win streak and are beginning to look rather dangerous. The Redskins are also looking good, having won 4 of their last 5 games. The teams though come to a head this weekend, looking to create more separation in their respective division races. The Redskins currently boast the 5th best run defense and the 4th best scoring defense. Offensively they’re not quite as dangerous. Their rushing attack is 10th in the league and they don’t force many turnovers. The key for the Redskins in this one will be Adrian Peterson and Josh Norman, yes Josh Norman. If Josh Norman can keep Deandre Hopkins from making chunk plays, they’ll possibly keep Watson off balance and keep the ball in Alex Smith’s hands. The Texans will rely on Lamar Miller and the pass rush. If Miller can balance the game plan enough to keep Watson in rhythm and unpredictable, they’ll be able to find much success. Also, if JJ Watt and company can get to Smith regularly, they’ll prevent him from controlling the tempo and managing the game. The Texans have better odds as the Skins are missing 3 starting linemen and the Texans are still red hot right now. TEXANS 21 REDSKINS 10


This is actually a pretty decent game. You have two teams coming off big games. The Titans just beat the Patriots by 24 points, and the Colts just beat the Jags to keep their season alive. Both offenses have played very well recently but what will make the difference in this one? The Titans offense isn’t a very strong one aside from the past few weeks. The offense is 30th overall and their best offensive weapon is their two-headed monster of a backfield. The duo of Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry are quite the force to be reckoned with. They control the offense when they’re rolling and make Mariota his most dangerous. Their defense however, is top 10 in all aspects and even in 1st in points against. They shut down offenses at will and really are capable of stopping any offense. The key for them will be the offensive line and the defensive line. If they can protect Mariota and keep Mack from gaining momentum, they could take this game. The Colts have a good offense and a mediocre defense. Andrew Luck has been very efficient this season. When Mack gets going, Luck is downright scary. They sport a top 10 offense and are 1st in third down conversions. The defense though is abysmal. The key for the Colts will be the run defense and Marlon Mack. Mack gaining any momentum will keep Luck from becoming predictable and if they can stuff Lewis and Henry, Mariota will lose control of the tempo of the game. With the Colts missing Hooker, I can’t see them making enough of a difference on defense to stop the Titans. TITANS 17 COLTS 9


This game also features two teams fighting to keep their seasons alive. The Falcons are fighting for a wildcard spot, while the Cowboys are still very much in contention for the division crown. The Cowboys are fresh off a division win against their bitter rival Eagles. The Falcons are coming into this game desperate to forget last weeks double digit loss to the Browns. The Falcons actually boast a top 6 offense and can use their weapons to pretty much score at will. They’re the 8th best scoring offense in the league. On the defensive end, they are a mediocre at best as they’re ranked 30th in total offense. They’ll need to get Calvin Ridley and Austin Hooper involved to spread the defense. The Cowboys offense boasts the second best running back in the league but only 27th in overall offense. They’re defense though is top 10 and their scoring defense is 3rd. They are going to need Elliott to have immense success so Dak can create enough to keep pace with the Falcons defense. Their defense is very solid so I don’t see keeping up as being much of a problem for the Cowboys. COWBOYS 20 FALCONS 17


This certainly won’t be the most exciting game this weekend. These are two of the worst teams in the league right now. The Cardinals are coming off a loss to the Chiefs, while the Raiders got manhandled last week by the Chargers. The Raiders have been really bad this season, as their record proves. There’s honestly very little, if anything at all, that they do well. However, the Cardinals are pretty bad themselves right now. They might be able to just not be bad enough to squeak out a win. Defense will be key for both teams this week. The Raiders are missing both Bryant and Nelson at WR, so that’ll surely be a big blow to their chances. The team that forces the most mistakes and causes the most pressure will get the win. I’d give you more of a breakdown for this one, but I don’t need to give you more reasons to feel sorry for either team. CARDINALS 13 RAIDERS 3


This game is likely to be a blowout for sure. The Chargers have the 8th best offense in the league and the 14th best defense. This team is solid on both sides of the ball. This offense has an immense amount of weapons and the defense is very stout and are even getting Joey Bosa this week. If Melvin Gordon breaks 150 total yards and Bosa looks anything like his old self, they’ll beat the Broncos relatively easily. The Broncos have the 11th best overall offense but they just fail to score. The Broncos just manage to lose close games. They have the 21st ranked defense in the league and the 15th scoring defense. They’re not bad, but now playing without Damryius Thomas, they just don’t have the weapons to move against this Chargers defense. CHARGERS 34 BRONCOS 12


This game will be another big win, but I will tell you it’s not because the Eagles are bad. So many people have been saying how bad the Eagles are and that they can’t beat anybody right now. What I can tell you is that Carson Wentz and this offense are still pretty good. The defense probably wouldn’t be 16th in total defense either if they didn’t have so many injuries. The Eagles very well could be 6-3 or even 7-2 right now if they didn’t have half their starters missing. They will lose this game by double digits but only because Philly is so battered right now. The Saints are the best team in football right now. This offense is having remarkable success and has so many weapons, it’s almost not even fair. Drew Brees has a chance to win his first MVP and they are the favorite to make the Super Bowl in the NFC. They’re on fire and they’re not slowing down now. SAINTS 41 EAGLES 23


This was one of the tougher games to pick this week. Both teams are relatively well matched. They both play pretty good, opportunistic offense and solid, pass rushing defense. Two similar game styles for two division rivals. The biggest difference here is a man by the name of Khalil Mack and another man named Matt Nagy. The Vikings are a very solid team for sure but this Mack guy is pretty damn good. He gets to the quarterback with unprecedented ease, stops the run with razor-sharp instincts and brute strength, and forces lots of turnovers. Even when he’s double teamed he still finds a way to make game changing plays. Matt Nagy makes a ton of great play calls on the offensive side of the ball. Nagy creates and calls so many creative plays, it’s nearly impossible to predict or even stop. They run so many reverses, screens, options, and much more. What are you supposed to do other than just pray for a stop. I’m sure it’s obvious by now, but I’m all in on the Bears train this season. BEARS 27 VIKINGS 24


This was most definitely the toughest game to pick this week. This is 2 of the best teams in the league this season. Literally the Chiefs have 3rd ranked offense and the Rams have the 2nd so I was spot on in the last sentence. However, on the defensive side of the ball, one team is clearly better than the other. The Rams rank 13th in total defense, and the Chiefs only rank 29th. This Chiefs team has gotten by easily because their offense is just that damn good! Not very often that you see a matchup that features 3 players that could potentially win MVP this season. These teams are favorites to make their respective conference championships and are both considered extremely dangerous on the offensive side of the ball and the team who’s defense steps up and forces one key mistake. RAMS 38 CHIEFS 34


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